Chandigarh is a hub for various work and job opportunities that are emerging in different sectors of the industry. The city is well known for its development in the IT, hospitality, and education sectors, which attract various investors from across the country. The city’s success can be attributed to its well-planned infrastructure, which is a combination of both commercial and residential areas.

One of the emerging choices for businesses and industry is Mohali, a neighboring city of Chandigarh. Within Mohali, Sector 82 and Sector 75 are particularly popular for the IT industry. Many multinational companies have already set up their offices in these areas, attracting a large pool of talented professionals. Apart from IT, Mohali is also developing in the education and healthcare sectors. Investors are attracted to Mohali due to the availability of land at an affordable price and a skilled workforce.

Choose Your Favourite Office Spaces in Sector 82 & Phase 8A

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