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A Networking Club for Founders, Entrepreneurs & Thought Leaders

Interact with founders over Meet-Ups, Workshops & Gourmet Experiences

MySoho Core is a circle of trendsetters who have the vision & guts to go all out & create compelling success stories.

Purpose of Core

Our rich tradition to collaborate, share expertise, learn as well as inspire
is the purpose of core.

Purpose of Core

Personal development, life balance & business growth.

Ethos of Core

  • Meet Founders
  • Get Insights & Perspectives
  • Connect with Investors
  • Explore Experiential & Unconventional Workshops
  • Experience Gourmet

All This Is Over A Speak-Easy Evening Infused With Culinary Experiences.
Interactive Networking.

Our meetups are all about being inspired by powerful voices amidst aesthetically pleasing setting, meaningful conversations surrounding future consumer trends and new discoveries.

When We Get Unbiased Perspective, We Can Make Informed Decisions.


How Often Do Core Meetups Occur?

Core meetups would happen frequently. It will be compulsory for all members to attend the social evenings. Power comes when all brimming minds come together.

How Can Someone Better Their Chances Of Getting In?

It’s all about accomplishment, innovation and transformation. Doing interesting things in any of these areas makes someone interesting to us.

How Many New Members Do You Take Each Year?

We start with members from different industries collectively representing the Core Feeling. It’s a self-selecting community of extraordinarily accomplished people so there is no quantitative limit but rather a qualitative one.

How Can One Benefit From Core ?

Soho core gives you access to a unique community. creating deep & powerful opportunities for networking with the right people.

  • Engage With A Powerful Community

  • Get Unbiased Perspective

  • Grow Exponentially

  • Collaborate With Visionaries and Investors

  • Expand Leadership Skills

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