Advantages of working in a Communal Setting. - MySoho
  1. Adaptable Working Hours –

Prefer evenings for work? Or perhaps you are the one who likes to rise early and make the most of the day. Either way, working from a shared space can usually offer you this flexibility with anytime access to MySoho meaning your approach to the working day can be as relaxed or rigid as you see fit.

54%, that is more than the half of urban Indians believe that shared workspaces have a positive impact on local economy.

2. You don’t have to manage your space since we do!

Whether you have previously managed your own office, worked from home or just work from distant locations like cafes, there’s nothing quite like having a space that’s designated for your requirements. Working from a shared space rids you of sorting mundane overheads and allows you to focus on the important stuff. In simple terms, it’s a much more cost effective & stress free approach for startups to operate.

‘51% of respondents believed that office will continue to facilitate meaningful social interaction in the times to come’. (Source- The Economic Times)

3. Your work-life balance may suffer if you work from home.

At our doors, we’re bursting at the seams with freelancers, entrepreneurs and one-man bands. Many of them came to MySoho to seek solace from cabin fever after working from their spare bedrooms and kitchen tables as combining home and work life can be problematic. How do you switch off and relax when your laptop is sat in the corner staring at you? Or when the post arrives on a Saturday morning addressed to the company but you can’t help yourself from opening it. Here, we have got you covered..

Business News Daily states ‘’when you exclusively work from home, physical boundaries between work and your personal life can feel virtually nonexistent.” Hence, having a dedicated space out of the house helps to keep that line and ensures work is work and home is home.

4. Social Connection is key!

There’s nothing better than sitting down after a hectic week with a coffee and ranting with your pals… it’s even better when the people you’re venting to, understand your struggles. That’s why we have regular interaction sessions with the tenants and chat about our weeks and what we’ve got coming up. Chatting about stuff in a relaxed environment is a great way to let off a bit of steam!

Tom Rath and Jim Harter, co-authors of Wellbeing studied The Five Essential Elements & the science of Wellbeing extensively. They discovered that people need a whopping six hours of daily social interaction to create a high sense of wellbeing. Even the most introverted people require five hours of social interaction for wellbeing.

5. You don’t have to face the difficulties of starting a business by yourself!

Working for yourself and starting a business can be challenging, and it happens to the best of us. It stinks that problems like debt worries and job insecurity are frequently linked to emotional weariness, melancholy, and anxiety. Being a part of a co-working community gives you access to a large number of people who have likely experienced similar circumstances and who can frequently provide you with vital guidance and support.

6. The co-working atmosphere is inherently centred around community, collaboration, and helping one another out!

The most loved thing about MySoho is the sense of community — you see it daily — people helping each other out, asking questions and supporting each other’s goals and projects. The ‘culture’ is naturally occurring and doesn’t feel forced which makes it even more special.

If you find yourself relating to any of the points above and are considering immersing yourself in a co-working community, MySoho has desks available now! You can contact us directly via email or telephone for more information. Alternatively, why not pop in and check out the space in person so you can get a proper feel for the space. Either way, we’d love to see you at MySoho soon!

There is a very clear monetary advantage of Shared workspaces compared to a traditional lease. Why?

A traditional lease only becomes cost-efficient after the 4th year — under unchanged preconditions. But let’s face it, most companies will grow or shrink their team within a period of 4 years. And that’s when #MySoho is key in today’s businesses.