4 Tips to maximise productivity at co-working spaces. - MySoho

Working in a comfortable environment produces high quality results. That is the reason, why attention to detail in your area & creating an appropriate environment is essential.

1. To reduce likelihood of hearing disruptions, wear headphones.

Choose to work in an area with less noise & distraction. You can also try a noise- cancelling headset to drown out distractions. If you have difficulty focusing, you can also put your phone away & close non- work related tabs.

2. Pick a workspace you can imagine staying in for a while.

Working by a window can be relaxing specially if you have a great view. You can take little walk breaks as well. Adding green tones like small plants also provide with a calming & relaxing ambience at work. You can also add flowers to brighten up your workspace.

3. Identify & Align goals with performance.

Goals take time to develop, therefore the best organisations discuss goals year- round & their progress from a monthly to a quarterly basis. Creating, communicating & aligning goals across the organisation is the best way to build a successful performance management process.

4. Emphasise on company culture.

Communicating your strategic vision is only the first step. Employees are motivated by purpose, hence your company goals should inspire your team & other individuals. It not only boosts the perception of their value as an employee but also they feel connected to the company’s vision of success.